Job Training

Using these programs, one can participate in mock interviews, learn skills essential to landing a job and maintaining employment and have access to local job fairs.

New York State Department of Labor

Description: The Department of Labor is offering a career fair for those seeking jobs and business seeking employees. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Career Fair, 2016 will take place March 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany, NY. This opportunity allows potential employees the opportunity to meet more than 100 employers. The Department of Labor is offering resume workshops before the career fair. Address: NYS Department of Labor, Building 12, W.A. Harriman Campus, Albany, NY 12240 Phone: (518) 457-9000; (800) 833-3000; (888) 209-8124

Center for Community Alternatives

Description: CCA is the leader in the field of community-based alternatives for incarceration. “Our mission is to promote re-integrative justice and a reduced reliance on incarceration through advocacy, services and public policy development in pursuit of civil and human rights.” CCA offers employment opportunities and community connections. Address: 115 E. Jefferson St., Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone/Email: (315) 422-5638

Career Networking Group

Description: Network with other professionals several Wednesdays per month from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.. Share contacts, information, resources, support and encouragement with those seeking new career opportunities. Occasional guest speakers focus on the job market and provide industry information. Complete schedule can be found here. Address: 310 Tulip St., Liverpool, NY 13088 Phone: (315) 457-0310

Association Career and Technical Education

Description: CTE offers seminars and fairs to promote education and employment. Recently, CTE held its third annual Career and Technical Education Expo for eighth-grade students in the Syracuse City School District. Address: 1410 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: (800) 862-9972; (703) 683-7424 – fax

Syracuse Neighborhood Computer Project

Description: The Neighborhood Computer Project is a not-for-profit organization that aims to help youth, immigrants, low-income, disabled, unemployed and health-impaired by offering computer training. Classes are offered from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekday, and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturdays. Address: 501 James St., Syracuse, NY 13203-2218 Phone: (315) 399-4699

CNY Works

Description: CNY Works offers an array of job assistance services, including education and temporary aid. Such programs include job seekers, which specializes in individual aid for those looking to improve resumes and cover letters, and it lends computers to those needing access. CNY Works also assists employers who are seeking to fill positions. To do this, CNY Works recruits, trains and helps hire employees to fill necessary positions. Such services often include recruiting events and job fairs. CNY Works offers computer literacy courses in a variety of areas, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Address: 960 James St., First Floor, Syracuse, NY 13203 Phone/Email: (315) 473-8250; (315) 472-9492 – fax;


Description: The Syracuse branch of the YWCA offers a service to help women pick appropriate career clothing. This clothing is imperative for interviews and maintaining employment. My Sister's Closet helps women in the Residence Program to develop appropriate professional wardrobes as they work toward finding and obtaining employment. Donations of gently used women’s work clothing and accessories are gratefully accepted. Professional self-help books and resources are also always appreciated. The YWCA also offers women job support and training through a program called Women to Work. The program was created to serve as a vehicle to help women in the Residence Program develop the knowledge and skills they need to become confident, competent, productive members in today's working society. Currently, the women that are in this program are working at our 401 Douglas location and training to develop their office and customer relation skills. We use a number of sources and tools to educate and advance the women in the program. Address: 120 E. Washington Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone: (315) 424-0040; (315) 424-1249 - Fax

Women’s Opportunity Center

Description: WOC offers job readiness assistance which includes facets which span from on-the-job training, to one-on-one assistance to monthly workshops. WOC leads low-income women out of poverty through career counseling, training and removing barriers to help them become job-ready and find employment. A featured service at the center is the Dressing Room. WOC recognizes the importance of making a good first impression and dressing professionally for job interviews. For these reasons, WOC provides a free service which provides participants with proper attire for job interviews. Find out more about their boutique here. Address: 901 James St., Syracuse, NY 13210 Phone/Email: (315) 446-0550; / Joyce French:

La Liga - Spanish Action League

Description: La Liga offers career services that include professionalism and interviewing classes, resume and cover letter workshops, Internet and computer workshops, job opportunity research and proper conduct for interviewing. La Liga also offers language and translation services for Spanish-speaking participants, including document interpretation and medical interpretation. Address: 700 Oswego St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 475-6153; (315) 474-5767 – fax;

Partners in Learning, Inc. – West Side Adult Learning Center

Description: West Side Adult Learning Center is a facet of Partners in Learning, Inc., which provides teaching assistance, preparation and computer literacy programs, resume writing, interviewing workshops and job and internship placement. Address: St. Lucy's Academy, 422 Gifford St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 744-3831;


Description: AURORA of CNY helps residents that are blind or deaf get jobs and training. They also have a refugee on staff to help that community and serve as a translator for the deaf refugees. Address: 518 James Street, Suite 100, Syracuse, NY 13203-2282 Phone/Email: Joel Brennan, director of supportive employment, (315) 422-7263 - x277

Onondaga Earth Corps.

Description: OEC offers job training for youth to age 25. Jobs offered through this program are intended for urban youth with challenging pasts. Address: SUNY-EOC, Room 239; 100 New St., Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone/Email: (315) 565-3797;


Description: ARISE, Inc. offers employment programs that include steps along the job hunt process from setting employment goals to meeting pre-employment requirements to securing a job. Address: Main Office: 635 James St., Syracuse, NY 13203 Phone: (315) 472-3171; (315) 479-6363; (315) 472-9252 – fax

JOBS Plus!

Description: JOBS Plus! operates on a mission of helping people find and keep employment. Address: 677 S. Salina St., #201, Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone: (315) 442-3242 OCM BOCES Description: A new career is closer than you think at OCM BOCES! It all starts by attending an informational Open House, offered every Thursday at 1 p.m. in Liverpool and every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Cortland. From there, you're just a few steps away from the career you deserve. To view and download the PDF catalog of all of our Adult Education, Continuing Education, and Literacy Programs in Liverpool and Cortland, click here. Address: 4500 Crown Road, Liverpool, NY 13090 Mailing Address: Board of Cooperative Educational Services Onondaga, Cortland, and Madison Counties; 6820 Thompson Road, P.O. Box 4754, Syracuse, NY 13221 Phone/Email: Cortland: (607) 758-5111; Liverpool: (315) 453-4455 For assistance, please contact: Sean Joyce, manager of Central Services, 315-431-8584, Mary Weidman, Assistant School Purchasing Officer, 315-433-2620,

Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center

Description: Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center is a vocational program focused on helping people gain skills necessary to get and keep a job. The center offers a Career Center as well as nurse aid, computer software training and Microsoft Office 2013 certification. Address: 100 New St # 4, Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone/Email: (315) 472-0130; (315) 472-1241 – fax;

Work Train

Description: Work Train is a program dedicated to addressing the challenges un-and-under employment in Central New York by creating solutions that benefit both business and job seekers. It is a part of Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity. Address: 115 W. Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone/Email: (315) 470-1800; (315)471-8545 – Fax; Pascale Mevs: / Danielle Szabo:  

Visions for Change

Description: “Visions For Change mission is to build self-sufficiency through education and support and systematically initiate changes that provide long-term solutions to the problem of poverty in ways that build prosperity, and economic opportunities and enhance the general well-being of all residents.” Visions for Change offers training opportunities that aim to teach effective ways to get out of poverty. Additionally, Visions for Change has several Partners for Success. Together, they help train employees to fill positions needed by the employers and provide a specialized referral system. Address: 1201 E. Fayette St., Syracuse, NY 13210 Phone: (315) 218-0938; (315) 471-3921 – fax

Coalition for the Homeless

Description: The Coalition for the Homeless is a service that offers resources in job training as well as in other areas. Offering an all-inclusive resource guide, the Coalition offers a comprehensive catalog of emergency services. The Coalition offers job services, including one program that aids homeless and low-income women in developing the skills necessary to find a living-wage job. This program is called the First Step Job Training Program.        Address: 129 Fulton St., New York, NY 10038 Phone/Email: (212) 776-2000; (212) 964-1303 – fax;