Libraries in the Syracuse area offer job resource assistance and training programs. Receive one-on-one help with resume and cover letter building, computer literacy and interview preparation.

Central Library

Description: Job Resource Assistance Drop--‐In Available every Tuesday and Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. At Central Library, downtown, 4th level Pass Lab. Library offers help with resumes, cover letters, online job searching, completing job applications and more. This service is temporarily suspended as the library is undergoing renovations, but I am in touch with the person in charge of the program and will update when renovations are complete. The STAR (Special Technologies and Adaptive Resources) program provides materials and services for disabled individuals. The Literacy Resource Center provides information, learning materials and computer programs for adult tutors and students engaged in English As a Second Language and reading instruction. The Pass Computer Lab is used for group Internet and computer training classes. The library also offers English language Conversation Classes. Central Library offers many only resources which can be accessed by an individual, or with the help of a library employee. These resources include a list of enrichment classes, databases, tutorials and computer services. Address: 447 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone/Email: (315) 435-1900

Salina Library

Services: Salina Library offers: One-on-one technology help appointments; Open office text documents: formatting; Google drive documents; Open office text documents: pictures and shapes; Open office spreadsheets for beginners/intermediate; Google drive: spreadsheets Address: 100 Belmont St, Mattydale, NY 13211 Phone/Email: (315) 454-4524

Baldwinsville Public Library

Services: Baldwinsville Public Library offers: Jobseekers Lifeline Series / Jobseekers' Club; Workshops generally every other week; One-on-one computer instruction; Tech help drop-in; Wired Wednesday series - Each Wired Wednesday will address a different computer issue. Workshops are on topics of interest to jobseekers. Find details and complete schedule can be found on the Baldwinsville Calendar of Events. Address: 33 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13027 Phone/Email: (315) 635-5631;

DeWitt Library

Services: DeWitt Library offers: One-on-one tech help sessions - Wednesday from 3 PM – 4PM; One-on-one resume/cover letter reviews - Tuesdays at 1:00 PM and Thursdays at 5:30 PM Address: 3649 Erie Blvd. E., DeWitt, NY 13214 Phone/Email: (315) 446-3578

Fayetteville Free Library

Services: Fayetteville Free Library offers one-on-one assistance at the Job Center. Tech Time, a staff assisted one-to-one computer lab time, is offered throughout the week. A Librarian is available to help you explore careers, create and edit your resume, set up email account and job feeds and much more. Find details and complete schedule can be found on the Fayetteville Library Calendar of Events. Address: 300 Orchard St., Fayetteville, NY 13066 Phone/Email: (315) 637-6374

Liverpool Public Library

Services: Liverpool Public Library offers: Individual eBook Angel e-reader tutorials by appointment; Individual basic computer instruction by appointment; Individual help getting started with your own Kindle, Apple, and Android mobile devices by appointment .The library also offers monthly programs on tech topics. The library is affiliated with the CNYPC User's Group, whose meetings are at the library and open to the public. There is a monthly meeting to share tips on online genealogical research, as well as a general monthly meeting where they offer general computer help and address topics of special interest. Career Networking Group meets several Wednesdays per month from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. where participants are able to network with other professionals. Share contacts, information, resources, support, and encouragement with those seeking new career opportunities. Occasional guest speakers will focus on the job market and provide industry information. Complete schedule can be found here. Address: 310 Tulip St., Liverpool, NY 13088 Phone/Email: (315) 457-0310

Marcellus Free Library 

Services: Marcellus Free Library offers: Individual computer instruction classes by appointment; Learn the basics and get an e-mail address with Internet training Address: 32 Maple St., Marcellus, NY 13108 Phone/Email: (315) 673-3221

Solvay Public Library

Services: Salvay Public Library offers individual computer instruction by appointment. Address: 615 Wood St., Solvay, NY 13209 Phone/Email: (315) 468-2414

Beauchamp Branch

Services: Beauchamp Branch Library offers one-on-one basic computer instruction. Address: 2111 S. Salina St., Syracuse, NY 13205 Phone/Email: (315) 435-3395

Betts Branch

Services: Betts Branch Library offers one-on-one basic computer instruction. Address: 4862 S. Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13205 Phone/Email: (315) 435-1940

Hazard Branch

Services: Hazard Branch Library offers: Book a librarian; Computers for beginners; Computer Instruction on Wednesdays by appointment Address: 1620 W. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 435-5326

Mundy Branch

Services: Mundy Branch Library offers: Teen resource drop in; Free information day; One-on-One basic computer instruction Address: 1204 S. Geddes St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 435-3797

Paine Branch

Services: Paine Branch Library offers: One-on-one instruction on Internet basics, email and online research tools. Address: 113 Nichols Ave., Syracuse, NY 13206 Phone/Email: (315) 435-5442

Petit Branch

Services: Petit Branch Library offers monthly intermediate class on varied topics. Address: 105 Victoria Pl., Syracuse, NY 13210 Phone/Email: (315) 435-3636

Soule Branch

Services: Soule Branch Library offers hour-long one-on-one basic computer instruction by appointment only. Address: 101 Springfield Rd., Syracuse, NY 13214 Phone/Email: (315) 435-5320

White Branch

Services:  White Branch Library offers hour-long one-on-one basic computer instruction by appointment only. Address: 763 Butternut St., Syracuse, NY 13208 Phone/Email: (315) 435-3519