Emilie Davis

I am an adjunct professor in the Department of Newspaper and Online Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University. In the spring semester, I enjoy teaching the Advanced Editing course because we re-imagine it every year. The Syracuse Jobs Matter project was this semester’s project. Usually, the editing course collaborates with a reporting course. This semester, however, reporters were embedded in the editing course as enrolled students. This model for collaboration worked well because no matter what the task at hand — especially brainstorming ideas — students were involved with one another in real time. My role was team partner with every editor, reporter and multimedia producer in the class — to guide the direction of the project; to nurture the ideas generated on people to feature and issues to cover; to ensure deadlines were met; to keep everyone on task to research, report and write; to edit content, create visuals, write headlines and cutlines, upload content; proof / polish the website; and, importantly, to create and execute the social media campaign. My First Job Was Important to Me Because … In spring of the year I turned 16, I applied for my first job — as a stenographer at an abstract and title corporation in Syracuse. I was rejected because I could not type. So that summer I met with my high school guidance counselor and rearranged my course schedule to include a typing class when school started back up in fall. After passing the class, I reapplied for the job, and I was hired. I worked there during all of my school breaks and summers through high school and college. My first job was my favorite one in many ways, but especially because I had to work hard to earn it. I was given a second chance to be hired. Everyone deserves a second chance. Twitter @profemilie and @twoprofs