Jesse Dougherty

I am a sports reporter and a senior Newspaper and Online Journalism Major at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University. I am also finishing a degree in Political Science in the university’s College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently enrolled in the Advanced Editing Course, which is producing the Syracuse Jobs Matter project. My role in the project, as an editor, is to partner with the editors and writers in the class to share important stories about jobs in Syracuse. To do that, I am writing and reporting, brainstorming and creating visuals, writing headlines and cutlines, helping to upload content to the website and engaging readers across various social media platforms. A Working Person I Respect I have great respect for is my father, Paul Dougherty. He has awakened at 7 a.m. for work almost every weekday I can remember, running a contracting business and, for part of my life, owning a local restaurant. But what I respect most about him is the opportunities he’s given people over the years — whether that be people trying to support their families or young teenagers trying to get their first work experience. Follow me on Twitter @dougherty_jesse