Shelly Seidemann

I am a senior newspaper and online journalism and Jewish studies major at Syracuse University. My education in journalism has helped keep me informed about problems that the city faces — something that not enough students know. Earlier this year, I stepped outside of the city and spent a great deal of time focusing on new businesses to come to the Town of Camillus. The Syracuse Jobs Matter project will be the first time I focus on the city of Syracuse, and I have been eager to delve into this project that affects the livelihood of so many residents. My previous experiences have given me the skills required to report on important matters, edit content, create visuals and manage social media sites. With help from my teammates, I will strengthen these skills and apply them to our current project. My roots are in Syracuse, as my father grew up here before moving to White Plains, New York, where I grew up. Find me on Twitter @ssseidem What Motivates Me to Work Hard My motivation for working would have to be my parents. Both my mother and father taught me the importance of a strong work ethic since I was young. They encouraged me to put my heart into whatever task I did and in doing this, I would give my life purpose and meaning. I am driven to work hard every day to make them proud and, more importantly, to give value to whatever task I undertake.