Literacy & Education

Several organizations across the Syracuse, NY area offer education and literacy programs for those seeking to find employment. Services include job training for blind and deaf patrons, non-English speakers and adults wishing to return to school.


Description: AURORA of CNY helps residents that are blind or deaf get jobs and training. They also have a refugee on staff to help that community and serve as a translator for the deaf refugees. Address: 518 James Street, Suite 100, Syracuse, NY 13203-2282 Phone/Email: Joel Brennan, director of supportive employment,; (315) 422-7263 - x277


Description: A new career is closer than you think with OCM BOCES! It all starts by attending an informational Open House, offered every Thursday at 1 p.m. in Liverpool and every Wednesday at 1 p.m. in Cortland. From there, you're just a few steps away from the career you deserve. To view and download the PDF catalog of all of our Adult Education, Continuing Education, and Literacy Programs in Liverpool and Cortland, click here. Address: 4500 Crown Road, Liverpool, NY 13090 Mailing Address: Board of Cooperative Educational Services Onondaga, Cortland, and Madison Counties; 6820 Thompson Road, P.O. Box 4754, Syracuse, NY 13221 Phone/Email: Cortland: (607) 758-5111; Liverpool: (315) 453-4455 For assistance, please contact: Sean Joyce, manager of Central Services, 315-431-8584, Mary Weidman, Assistant School Purchasing Officer, 315-433-2620,

La Liga - Spanish Action League 

Description: La Liga offers career services that include professionalism and interviewing classes, resume and cover letter workshops, Internet and computer workshops, job opportunity research and proper conduct for interviewing. La Liga also offers language and translation services for Spanish-speaking participants, including document interpretation and medical interpretation. Address: 700 Oswego St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 475-6153; (315) 474-5767 – fax;

Literacy CNY

Description: Literacy CNY works to provide adults in Central New York with the literacy tools and skills that they need to be contributing, productive and engaged members of the community. They do this by advocating for adult education, providing instruction and partnering with other community based agencies. Their believe: "Improving Adult Literacy makes our community stronger."  LiteracyCNY is ranked Highly Proficient by the NYS Department of Education and enrolled 484 adult students into its instructional programs in 2015r. Address: Located in the Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center, 100 New St., Syracuse Phone: (315) 471-1300

Partners in Learning, Inc. – West Side Adult Learning Center

Description: West Side Adult Learning Center is a facet of Partners in Learning, Inc., which provides teaching assistance, preparation and computer literacy programs, resume writing, interviewing workshops and job and internship placement. Address: St. Lucy's Academy, 422 Gifford St., Syracuse, NY 13204 Phone/Email: (315) 744-3831;

Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Description: The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is an option for those who are looking to attend or return to college. The HEOP offers free classes to qualified adult learners. Residents can attend for free. Address: University College: 700 University Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244 Phone/Email: (315) 443-3261;;